A dedicated anti-conformist, Joseph Karam’s work has elvolved throughout the years via diverse inspirations and an evolving style in parallel with a steady reputation among interior architects. Lebanonborn Joseph Karam completed his studies in his home country before settling down in France. He founded his agency forty years ago. His style mixes French elegance tinted with oriental warmth with authentic timeless projects. Since, the beginning, he has infuse in his creations a futuristic optimism aimed at the wellbeing of the user. Today, while his partners have taken over his agency, the latter comprises some 20 DPLG architects, interior architects, decorators and designers. The team, which boasts a comprehensive knowledge of an international clientele looking for eclectic atmospheres, works on private villas, hotels and yachts. With the support of its own design office, the agency manages all the projects-from structural works to providing the furniture and even takes care of last details-before the delivery of exquisite luxury, comfortable and aesthetic creations in line with its clients’ uniqueness.